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Ian Comins Ian Comins
CEO - Offshore
Cayman Islands / Barbados / British Virgin Islands / US Business

Tricor's US office helps US-based companies accelerate international expansion into key markets across Asia and beyond.

Fast-growth US companies expanding into Asia, Europe and the UK come to Tricor for incorporation, international human resources, payroll, accounting, finance, tax and compliance advice and support. This allows them to streamline their cross-border operations and focus on their core business.

We have experience helping companies of all sizes and from a broad range of industries to expand, invest, conduct business and integrate seamlessly across international borders.

We provide excellent advice and first-class service to corporate and individual clients alike. Whether you are a start-up or existing multinational, we offer personalised, scalable solutions to companies both large and small, across all sectors.

Specialities & Focus

Our comprehensive range of global expansion support services and strategic advice to US-based clients includes:

  • International Accounting, Banking & Reporting
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • HR, Payroll & Employee Benefits
  • Corporate Tax & Value Added Tax
  • Audit Support & Statutory Accounts
  • Business Immigration & Global Mobility

Whether you are a Founder, CEO, HR Director, the Finance Team, Head of Payroll, Accounting or Tax, our priority is to deliver practical advice and excellent service, tailored to your specific needs.

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