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We understand that our clients’ biggest investment, challenge and opportunity is their people. Globalization, digitization, compliance, integration and talent represent key elements that are forcing human resources teams to change their processes and decision-making to be more strategic and forward-thinking, in order to drive success. We help our clients understand their workforce in order to make quick, informed business decisions and get ahead of the curve.

Our comprehensive human capital management solutions address a wide range of human resource challenges that clients face as they expand locally and globally.​


Tricor's service offering can help your human resources teams to streamline and optimise internal processes, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs. From agility and seamless integration to analytics and compliance, we are capable of providing the best in class solutions for every human resource demand. Our clients partner with us to design and execute programs for recruitment, leadership, organisation and rewards that deliver actionable insights and maximise performance. Our centre of excellence approach also ensures a great experience for employees.


Tricor provides a comprehensive range of human resources and payroll-related services, led by experienced professionals, and supported by proprietary information technology systems. Whether it’s an integrated cloud-based software solution or a complete outsourced service, Tricor can offer you and your employees all of the benefits without the stress.


It is imperative for companies to ensure their processes meet compliance requirements under relevant laws and regulations, as well as stay abreast of any changes in policy, locally and/or globally. Compliance is a complex environment to navigate and failure to meet obligations can have severe and costly consequences. Tricor’s experienced teams can provide professional advice and outsourced expertise to help your business to mitigate risk, stay compliant and stay competitive.

~50,000 Clients

Our clients are served to support, manage and nurture their teams with speed and efficiency. Our applications are also highly scalable, which allows us to serve a diversified portfolio of both local and international organisations, from newly-set up private enterprises, to multi-nationals with ~50,000 clients.

~3,000 Professionals

Local knowledge and global experience make Tricor unique among our peers in the industry. With ~3,000 professionals and a network of offices in 49 cities across 22 countries / territories,our people are there for you when you need them.

Our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of markets in the Asia Pacific is unparalleled, from employment laws and salary benchmarks to cultural nuances and benefits expectations. Our commitment to excellence has been recognised by HR Vendors of the Year 2018 in Hong Kong SAR, Singapore and Malaysia, namely:

HR Vendors of the Year - Gold
Best Payroll Software (Gold) - Hong Kong SAR
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HR Vendors of the Year - Silver
Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner (Silver) - Malaysia
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HR Vendors of the Year - Bronze
Best HR Outsourcing Service Provider (Bronze) - Malaysia
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HR Vendors of the Year - Bronze
Best Payroll Software (Bronze) - Singapore
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Furthermore, outsourcing human resource and payroll operations allows your teams to devote more time and resources to core functions. Tricor solutions empower small and multinational businesses to operate efficiently in the area of people management so that organisations can harness the power of their employees, and focus on what they do best: growing their business.

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Ferry Lugito Ferry Lugito
Regional Managing Director, Orisoft
Conbie Siu Conbie Siu
Executive Director, Business Services Hong Kong

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