PEO & Staffing Solutions

Our staffing services offers access to our wealth of knowledge of local employment regulations and specialized workforce suite. Our experienced professionals can handle all the logistical tasks related to recruiting, onboarding, nurturing, and offboarding talent. We have highly-defined processes and a wide local network that you can leverage for smooth processing of all your recruitment needs.

Our staffing services include the following:

  • End-to-end Management
    Our staffing service covers end-to-end HR services to streamline all tactical activities related to recruiting, onboarding, and offboarding employees.

  • Multi-platform Recruitment
    We utilize a range of both online and offline platforms to source the best possible candidates. This includes multiple e-recruitment sources and a wide industry network.

  • Due-diligence & Legal Formalities
    Our holistic services include filing of annual taxes, handling working visa applications, and employee background checks.

  • Digital Tools
    We also offer self-service portals for employees and clients for more efficient recruitment and business interactions. When face-to-face interviews are not possible, companies can utilize our online platforms for interviewing and resume viewing.