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Dyland Mah Dyland Mah
Thailand / Vietnam

Tricor Thailand is a subsidiary of Tricor Group, set up in 2005 and based in Bangkok, specializing in business services and corporate services.

Specialities & Focus

Tricor is well positioned to unlock the potential of your business in Thailand and across Asia, and help your company stay one step ahead of today’s diverse and fast evolving regulatory environment. 

As the leading business expansion specialist in Asia, Tricor provides the building blocks for, and catalyses every stage of your business growth.

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179/60-62 Bangkok City Tower 13th Floor
South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn
Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Business Hours

9AM – 5PM, Monday to Friday

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(66) 2 343 1200 (66) 2 286 4130