unify | HRS Multi-Market Solutions

Our modular system, the unify | HRS suite, can improve the work ethic and morale of your workforce by providing transparency of data and empowering individuals to take control of their leave and reimbursement applications, as well as other administrative tasks. A self-service system is more effective for executives, more empowering for managers, more engaging for employees, and more efficient for HR.

Where we assist in managing your personnel and payroll databases, our Employee Self Services System offers you unique enhanced features, including the following modules:


unify | ACCESS

unify | ACCESS eases the administrative burden on your human resources team while helping your employees feel connected and empowered. Its functions can be set based on an authorisation level mechanism. Managers can retrieve and monitor the personal and employment particulars of the employees, as well as grant or reject approvals. Provide easy access to e-newsletters and company information with unify | ACCESS. The application can be made available over a company’s intranet, portal or specialised kiosk.

  • Employees can manage their own personal tasks, such as filing for reimbursements or updating personal information
  • Team leaders can retrieve and monitor information as well as grant approvals

unify | LEAVE

A dedicated workflow and remote access allows effective management of each employee’s multiple types of leave and entitlements. Applications, approvals, balances and schedules can all be managed with securely and with ease. Employees can review their leave history, schedule planned leave and check the actual or projected leave balance up to the end of the year. Team leaders can approve or reject leave applications online. They can also review leave application schedule of employees under their supervision. The system supports multi-level complex hierarchies for approval authority.

  • Employees can apply for different types of leave in accordance with company policy
  • Employees can check leave history, leave plan and actual/projected leave balances
  • Team leaders can approve or reject leave applications and review leave application schedules
  • Supports multi-level approval


Automated accounting processes and direct communication between employees and managers reduces manual intervention and unnecessary administration for your human resources team. Automate your claim processing with flexible policies and multi-level complex hierarchies for approval authority. Empower your employees to apply online for different types of reimbursement, such as overtime and shifts. Allow team leaders to directly approve or reject claim applications under their supervision.

  • Employees can submit claims for reimbursement of business expenses with supporting receipts
  • Team leaders can approve or reject claim applications
  • Parameters for claim approval are defined by management

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