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BoardStrength is a digital self-assessment tool designed to level up your company’s board evaluation experience. Built upon Tricor’s extensive experience in the corporate governance framework, BoardStrength tailors questionnaires to help boards evaluate their internal controls and identify potential risks. Through analyzing responses from board members, BoardStrength provides actionable insights to boost efficiency and improve performance. 

Empower your Boardroom with BoardStrength

Key Features

Tricor’s BoardStrength aims to strengthen the accountability, effectiveness, and the quality of decision-making of your board. Our team works closely with you to create a precise and intuitive questionnaire, customized to your business needs and nature. BoardStrength helps assess your board’s strengths and weaknesses with four simple but unique features: 


Target-Oriented Question Structure

  • Question set can be customized based on your company’s specific needs and requirements
  • Cohesive flow of questionnaire ensures clarity
  • Full coverage of board structure and functions
  • Thought-provoking questions  

Simple Rating System

  • Straightforward rating options
  • Ratings on a bipolar scale encourage decisiveness over neutrality
  • Anonymity encourages honest feedback 

Prospective Evaluation

  • Explores long-term solutions to potential issues
  • Suggestions based on Tricor’s governance-related expertise  
  • Engages participants to collaborate on innovative solutions 

Professional & Quantifiable Report

  • Data analysis on participant feedback
  • Results presented in graphical, narrative, and numerical formats
  • Highlights current strengths and areas for improvement
  • Supports the board to tackle identified issues 

Key Benefits


Bilateral Evaluation

BoardStrength not only flags inefficiencies across your board but also identifies high-performing areas. Our report grants a critical overview of your board, empowering you to align the board’s focus with your business goals. 


Guided Deep Reflection

The self-reflective process encourages participants to strive for effectiveness. BoardStrength carefully and thoughtfully selects questions from our libraries to identify oversights and areas for improvement. BoardStrength then guides the board to view any problems from alternative perspectives. 


Independent & Professional

The Tricor team holds decades of experience in governance fields and works with organizations of various sizes across various industries. Through BoardStrength, we are able to apply our expertise to the assessment of your board, giving you the best evaluation service in the industry. 


Time & Cost Efficient

BoardStrength minimizes the time and effort needed for your teams to draft, distribute, and analyze questionnaires. It is an all-in-one solution for conducting board evaluations, from generating customized question sets to providing detailed reports, allowing you to be both efficient and informed. 

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